Once again, Italian design company LAGO is welcoming talented students and graduates from international universities for summer workshops.
 LAGO is a leading furniture design company based in the countryside near Venice and Padua, two among the best known Italian Renaissance cities. LAGO is a winning firm which has enjoyed considerable growth over the last decade. Our products are designed by top notch artists and craftsmen to follow three main principles: they must be useful, solid and contribute to the happiness of the home they’re in.

Our creative workshops are located in the heart of LAGO’s production headquarter, an inspiring location for new ideas which includes a dedicated area and a lab with facilities at disposal to partecipants for prototyping activities.
In the medioeval village Cittadella, just 3 km far from LAGO, a B&B will host our guests.
 During your ten days at LAGOstudio, you and your team will research and develop new products. We believe that innovation arises from an original, unorthodox thought: you will start by considering the needs that must be fulfilled, not the actual furniture pieces.
LAGO will select 10 people and put together a team with many different backgrounds (graphic designers, artists, architects, product designers…) to generate new ideas for unconventional products.
Your ten days here will be focused on brainstorming and developing new ideas, meeting experts and designers every two/three days to receive feedback and check the feasibility of the team’s proposals, sharing with them valuable experiences.

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