Colletto bed

Design : Nuša Jelenec;
workshop 2008

col-letto - Nuša Jelenec

How to make a bed that is comfortable and cosy, like a nest? The result is a soft foam ring around the mattress which can be rolled up or down like a pullover collar. This creates a visual and sound barrier where a person can relax,distant from everyday life. The mood can be set with the bending of the collar, from open, to half-closed to completely enclosed private space. Different and interesting shapes can be created. Foam is attached to the bed frame with a hook-and-loop fastener, so it can be separated, and the fabric cover washed. Roll it like a dolce vita and live the dolce vita!

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3 Responses to Colletto bed

  1. GASPARE says:

    Splendido, come chi lo ha disegnato! :-)

  2. jeroen Oprinsen says:

    we would like to propose this bed to a client, but where can we buy it or can we buy it directly from you?
    We have our office in Antwerp?
    Please send us the information.

    Thanks, Jeroen Oprinsen

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