Lagostudio products

We are interested in building long-term relationships with our young guests. These workshops are an opportunity for you to get to know a company who believes in innovation and creativity, and possibly to work for us afterwards.
Designers who will develop great projects will be invited back to LAGOstudio if the product is deemed suitable for production.
Furthermore, by participating to our workshops you will be entitled to be part of our virtual community, made of artists, designers and creative people just like you.

3Dots Wallpaper

Design by Jennifer Rieker;
Lagostudio 2014 ››

Axys Table

Design by Filippo Protasoni;
Lagostudio 2012 ››


Design by Andrea Leoni;
Lagostudio 2012 ››

Diagolinea Shelf

Design by 4P1B;
Lagostudio 2012 ››


Design by Luca Maria d’Arosio, Paolo Nava;
Lagostudio 2012 ››


Design by Leonardo Fortino;
Lagostudio 2011 ››

Joynt Chair

Design by Harry Owen;
Lagostudio 2011 ››

Trestle table

Design by Iain Howlett;
workshop 2010 ››

Dangla chair

Design by Luca De Bona;
worshop 2010 ››

Chama armchair

Design by Mi Jin Park;
workshop 2010 ››

Lastika armchair

Design by V. Velikov;
workshop 2010 ››

Colletto bed

Design : Nuša Jelenec;
workshop 2008 ››

Huggy Armchair

Design by Brit Leissler;
workshop 2007 ››